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13 reasons you’ll want to be eight years old again
Take us there. Please.

1. This would be your most difficult decision


2. Compulsory playtime


3. Talking to yourself wouldn’t seem weird

Flickr/Instant Vantage

4. ‘Treat’ cereal would be a cause for serious excitement


5. Not to mention new school supplies

Wikimedia Commons

6. Forts!

willholmes willholmes

7. You could literally spend ALL your money on sweets


8. This would be your primary reason for crying


9. Summer holidays lasting, er… forever?

Flickr/Cast a Line

10. Nap time.

Flickr/Tiger Girl

11. Swimming pool in your garden, anytime you wanted


12. Knowing you could be ANYTHING you want when you grew up

Flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video

13. And the fact that if you fell asleep on the sofa…

… you’d wake up in bed.

Flickr/andrewrendell, Flickr/Wonderlane

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