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16 objects you inexplicably collected as a kid

Why do kids want to collect everything?

1. Kelloggs pencil toppers

The bigger and fluffier, the better.


2. Fancy paper

Or  for the real aficionado: scented fancy paper.


3. Marbles

The ‘pearly’ ones were the best, obviously.


4. Knight Rider stickers

Or any other stickers, really.

You could put them in a book! You could put them on a folder! You could enrage your mother by plastering them on your bedroom wallpaper! Your call.


5. Pro Set football cards

Look at the step-cut on Gazza.


6. Holy medals

Not for religious reasons, but because it meant you’d BEEN THERE. (With ‘there’ being Knock.)


7. Sea shells

Collected obsessively for the duration of your holiday in Trabolgan. Then forgotten forever. (Unless they started to smell and your mum made you throw them out.)


8. Kelloggs bike wheel reflectors

See also: those clicky things you put in your spokes. Man, they don’t make cereal boxes like they used to.

The Greatest Toys of All Time Ever

9. Trolls



10. Pogs

Was there some kind of game you were meant to play with these? Nobody really knew.

Wikimedia Commons

11. Sylvanian Families

Mmmm. Felt-y.


12. Top Trumps

Nobody could ever agree on the precise rules. What did you do if there was a draw? Did the winner get to keep the cards? It was a high-stakes game.


13. Rubbers

And other things with which to stuff your bulging pencil case, like


14. Gel pens

For example.

Flickr/Public Domain Photos

15. Eircom Callcards

They never topped the George Michael edition though.


16. …and sticks

Nothing like finding a good stick when you’re out on a walk. Then you’d insist on bringing it home. Then you’d discard it in the garden because you weren’t allowed bring it in the house.

It’s tough being a kid.


What have we missed? What was stashed in your bedroom chest of drawers? Let us know in the comments…

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