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14 things you'll never be able to forget

Right in the childhood.

REMEMBER FUNNY FOOT ice creams? They’re back.

Of course you remember them. Just like Fat Frogs (RIP) and Bosco, they’re among the parts of your childhood that will always be there in the back of your mind.

Just like these…

Finding a 7 on a fizzy cola lollipop

If you found a 7, you instantly got another free lollipop.

fizzy Source: EmporiumOfSweets.ie

Drawing these…

… all over your Soundings and your Peig.



Pulling out a tooth on a Big Time/Frostie/Dan Bar

That peculiar mix of horror and relief when a wobbly tooth finally came free.

bigtime-4 Source: Caffreys/ChocolateWarehouse.ie

dan Source: LogoDesignLove.com

frosties_cola_sweets__88045_zoom Source: TreasureIslandSweets.co.uk

The noise this made


tomy Source: Amazon.co.uk

Waiting for the anti-piracy ad to end

You wouldn’t steal a handbag…


The feeling of polyester pyjamas

After the bath on a Saturday night.

brite Source: NostalgiaMama/Etsy

heman Source: He-Man.org

The smell of Copydex

Mary Fitzgerald had a lot to answer for.

copy Source: Ebay

The Littlest Hobo theme tune

There’s a voice, keeps on calling me…

Source: CheesyPeteza/YouTube

When a Feast was the ultimate ice cream luxury

They were 40p you know. An absolute fortune.

PaQUpJ4 Source: Imgur

This image

Daytime television at its best.


The inside cover of Ladybird Books

What was your favourite? The Enormous Turnip? The Magic Porridge Pot?

P1050094 Source: BlogSpot

Labyrinth terror

David Bowie gave us nightmares for years.

tumblr_mr0pz14lwb1rk2xzlo1_500 Source: Tumblr

The Flahavans tracksuit

Start the day the Flahavan’s way…


The smell off the ink in these pens

A kind of a pukey sweet smell, depending on the colour.


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WHAT? You’ve been eating chocolate digestives wrong this whole time>

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