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Chinese government officials star in year's worst Photoshop fail

Mad graphics skillz.

Source: Hugchina

WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING at right here is a group of giant Chinese local government officials floating above an older woman the size of a corgi.

The picture – showing the vice-mayor of Ningguo county, Anhui province and other officials – was published on the county website as part of a set publicising local bigwigs’ visits to elderly people.

And for some reason, someone felt the need to enhance it.

But their admirable publicity effort has of course backfired, thanks to the Junior-Cert-level Photoshopping involved. The image was dug out by activists angry at the cancellation of a fundraising drive, who then publicised it on Chinese social media, according to Hug China.

Bizarrely, Offbeat China notes that the officials DID actually visit the elderly lady involved. (They’ve even found a possible source image.) So why the Photoshopping? Maybe they just wanted to show off their skillz.

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