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10 times Irish chippers completely lost the run of themselves

Calm yourselves down.


1. When Macari’s had a Valentines date event

Are you for serious? Yes, they are for serious.


2. This deal from King Fisher’s, Dublin

WHY is it the Sinead O’Connor, though?

3. Whatever this slogan is, from Fogo’s

Far too sensual for that much beige, lads.

4. When the Rathmines Grill started sending out Christmas Cards

Oh no, we’ve gotten too close.

5. When Apache in Cork started catering for communions

downloadau Source: Irish Examiner

Drippy red sauce + white communion dress = kill us.

6. When The Roma in Ballyfermot has the loosest open door policy in history

downloadu Source: Graham Darcy

Horses like spice bags too, y’know.

7. Speaking of horses… when this gas ticket was issued

8. Or the one who keeps on innovating

9. These two sick individuals

Bj_17GWIYAAwNND Source: bombfunk75

CRMvuYYWoAA1xWv Source: GarethSoye

Can we stick to salty beige shite, please?

10. This preachy place

No to drugs, yes to chips.

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