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tweet sweeper

Tweet Sweeper: Which actor wants to know the 'orgasmic sensation' of removing a bra?

He’s right you know. It is great. The answer, and all the best of the week’s tweets from famous people.

YES, TWEET SWEEPER favourite Chris O’Dowd is at it again.

We’re sure Dawn wouldn’t mind lending you one of hers so you could have a go?

That was just mean

Be our friend, Amy

A chilling vision of things to come from Richard Ayoadadadade (P.S. You will read this tweet in his voice)

Zach Braff, voice of the people

We at would definitely watch this, just saying


Let us know when you find out, Brez

“Chocegg ar aaahhh”

Oh my god, ALL THE TIME


Who thought it was a good idea to put these two in a room together?

Suuuure ya do, Biebz

Lady Gaga and Martha Stew-Stew

See any good celeb tweets on your travels? Stick em in the comments. They must be held to account! 

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