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Here's why #PizzaOnATrain was trending globally last night

The dream. It has come true.

TRAIN FOOD LEAVES a lot to be desired. Unless you bring something on board, you’re absolutely screwed. Given the amount of times we dash last minute to catch one, time doesn’t allow for us to pick up a bag of snacks.

Well, UK comedian Chris Ramsey has started a movement, which reached peak… moving… last night.

Pizza delivered, to a train. Pizza train. We’re on board.

Using the hashtag #pizzaonatrain, Ramsey set off on a journey. Not just to Newcastle, but to break all pizza delivery boundaries. This now needs to become a global thing.

He began after a long day’s work

SOMEONE respond

Domino’s came though eventually

With the order in, tensions rose

His fellow comedians were wishing him luck

The pressure was high. So much to lose but TOO much to gain


Well that was so worth it


Who will be the first Irishman or woman to achieve this momentous feat? The doughball is in your court.

This hamster stuffing its face with a tiny pizza is your new spirit animal>

9 dogs who just really want one tiny slice of your pizza, okay?>

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