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Apache Pizza set to create 300 jobs as takeaway business booms during pandemic
The company is Ireland’s largest pizza chain employing 2,440 people across 169 stores.
Bye-bye pizza guy, no more spice bag shame: The future of getting a takeaway
Oh, and… hello flying robots.
16 memes that will speak to you if you have a thing for garlic mayo
The dream condiment for many.
A lad in Cork broke up with his local Domino's Pizza and their response was pretty heartbreaking
“Do they give you as many toppings as I did?”
This Dominos delivery man was determined not to be stopped from doing his job by G20 riots in Germany
A reminder to tip the Dominos man bringing you your hangover pizza today.
Is the Domino's Pizza Tracker legit or is it just set to a timer?
An important investigation.
20 things all Irish people born in 1994 will have strong memories of
Worrying about what would happen if you didn’t pass as 12 when you tried get into Spin.
Domino's were caught rapid stocking up on cheap bags of potato wedges in a supermarket
*points finger* Ohhhh!
Domino's is releasing a 'wipeable onesie' just in time for your New Year's Day hangover
VIDEO: Domino's has begun delivering pizzas by drones
Their first delivery took place in New Zealand – but a Russian company says they got there first.
Dozens of homeless people will share pizza with the public on Grafton Street this evening
The get-together is planned for 8.30pm. “We want to break down the social barriers between the homeless and the rest of the public,” says organiser Cormac Noonan.
Domino's is selling a 'burger pizza' and everyone's a bit grossed out
Man awarded €31,000 after biting into piece of metal on Domino's pizza
X-rays had revealed that he had suffered two fractured molars.
13 signs your Domino's addiction has gone too far
GARLIC AND HERB DIP *praying hands emoji*
In the future, robots like this will deliver pizza to your door
Bad news for delivery people everywhere.
Domino's garlic pizza bread is a gift from the takeaway gods
It's official: Women have worse hangovers than men
Dominos has brought its ‘pizza button’ to Ireland and it's going to make your life a lot easier
Pizza at the click of a button. *praise hands*
Dominos has brought its ‘pizza button’ to Ireland and it's going to make your life a lot easier
Pizza at the click of a button. *praise hands*
Here's the best pizza delivery chain in Dublin
We tested five from across the city.
Dominos Garlic And Herb Dip: A Celebration Of Its Saucy Goodness
Can you marry a sauce?
Domino's gave this man a year of free pizza for his admirable honesty
Would you do the same as he did?
Domino's gave this man a year of free pizza for his admirable honesty
Would you do the same as he did?
So what's the fast food capital of Ireland then?
A new study has come up with the Irish town with the greatest number of fast food outlets on average.
Domino's is letting customers order pizza through Twitter with emojis
This changes everything.
Domino's: We're not distributing No campaign leaflets with our menus
“Pizza & politics don’t mix.”
11 people who live and die by the Dominos pizza tracker
That delicious transition from ‘quality control’ to ‘delivery’ though.
Domino's organised a long-distance date night for an Irish lad and his girlfriend
Best publicity stunt EVER.
Domino's greeted five Irish girls returning home from holidays with pizza at Dublin Airport
What dreams are made of.
This guy's mortifying Domino's Twitter exchange could've happened to any of us
We’ve been that soldier.
Two Dominos pizza branches got prank-called and put on the same phone line
Here’s what happened.
Domino's has four hours to pay ransom for customers' passwords and favourite toppings
I’ll have pepperoni, mushrooms, and a side of hackers please.
Here's why #PizzaOnATrain was trending globally last night
The dream. It has come true.
Healy: 'There’s a lot of satisfaction in being able to lift a lot of weight'
The Leinster and Ireland prop discusses how his gym work transfers into scrummaging power on the pitch.
Dominos is now selling pizza with a base made of chicken
Because your arteries deserve it.
Dominos pizza creates 'pizza-selfies' for couple on their wedding day
When will we get our faces on a pizza, eh?
These breathtaking domino tricks took three months to set up
They used 20,000 dominos and are utterly satisfying to watch.
Home pizza-ordering button may be the best gadget ever
Never have to speak to another human being ever again.
Man arrested in connection with Kieran McManus killing is released
McManus was shot dead on Saturday night as he was placing a pizza delivery in the back of his car.
Victim of pizza delivery shooting named as 26-year-old Kieran McManus
The father-of-one was shot dead in west Belfast last night.