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Winter wonderland

An office in Galway has gone above and beyond with its Christmas decorations this year

“Working in a Christmas wonderland…”

SOME PEOPLE MIGHT look upon the Christmas decorations as a serious burden – but not this crowd.

Philip Coyle of Schneider Electric Galway takes us on a tour through their office – and it is a proper Christmas wonderland.

This is what you see when you walk in

wonderland1 YouTube YouTube

And then you pan around and there is a MASSIVE Santa

wonderland2 YouTube YouTube

All the little walls are decked out with lights

wonderland4 YouTube YouTube

With Santa watching over, they have gone all out on the decor

wonderland5 YouTube YouTube

One final pan of the place shows they are truly working in a Christmas wonderland

finalpan YouTube YouTube

Watch it all here, and bask in the festive spirit:

Philip Coyle / YouTube

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