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9 food items that are now perfectly acceptable for eating at breakfast time

It’s Christmas!

1. Terry’s Chocolate Orange


2. Mikados

Not bad at all.

In fact, eating Mikados for breakfast should be mandatory at this time of year.

3. Cheese and crackers

Fancy crackers, we hope.

4. Mince pies

Did you know that eating mince pies for breaskfast between December 24th and December 31st is perfectly okay, though?

It’s Christmas magic, don’t question it.

5. Babybels

The king of breakfasts and the breakfast of kings.

6. Smarties


7. Profiteroles

Because it’s Christmas!

8. Pringles

If only it was an acceptable breakfast food all year round.

9. After Eights

After Eights? More like Before Eights. (Because it’s before 8am, holla!)

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Amy O'Connor

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