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It's Christmas Eve, how many of these things have you done?

If you haven’t been horsing into a Curly Wurly or panic-buying slippers, maybe you’re doing it wrong.

1. Watched one of the following movies:


2. Shook the presents:

By now there must be a few pressies under the tree for you. Have you given at least one a good squeeze and a shake?

PAH. Socks from Aunty Joan again. (Shutterstock)

3. Bought a totally inappropriate or useless last-minute present:

Do NOT buy your mother a foot spa. She already has three. (Shutterstock)

Your sister is not yet elderly. Do not buy her talcum powder in the local chemist in a panic. (Shutterstock)

Has your Dad started to wear slippers as proper footwear? It’s because he has 17 pairs. STEP AWAY FROM THE SLIPPERS (Shutterstock)

4. Bought 3 forgotten foodstuffs in the local shop at three times the price:

“Now I’ll just make a start on the stuffing…. GAH WE FORGOT THE BREADCRUMBS”
“Oh joy, time for a lovely cuppa… ARGH NO MILK”
“It’s not Christmas Eve without a Chocolate Kimberly…. EGADS I LEFT THEM BEHIND IN DUNNES”

Never fear. All of these things can be purchased for an average price of €17.99 in your local store on Christmas Eve.

5. Revisited a Zig and Zag Christmas special:

Do you remember Christmas Crisis, when Ray’s Scent of Man went missing?

Or maybe Must Go To Moscow?


6. Thought about mass:

Going to mass (or a Christmas religious service) may not have ever been part of your life. If not, you can skip straight to number 7.

Otherwise you might be a Christmas Eve mass-goer, a midnight mass-goer, or a Christmas Day mass-goer. Or maybe you rage against the machine and refuse to go at all, much to your mother/father/granny’s despair.

We’ve all been there.

7. Broken into a tin of biscuits/sweets/selection box:

No bite of Curly Wurly/Purple Rose/Jelly Star biscuit from Afternoon Tea tastes as good as the anticipation feels…

Was the little girl from the Cornflakes ad in Mean Girls?

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