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Christmas jumpers are over - Here's why

BAH, humbug.

YES, YOU ARE correct. There was a time in recent history when Christmas jumpers became ironically cool, or ‘trendy’.

ByDks5DIYAATWvC Source: techsarah

Let us examine the evidence.

They haven’t been cool since 2010

Even then, they were starting to grate a bit. If someone showed up for pints in a lighty-up jumper you’d be all, ‘heh’. Now? They just join the queue of 1,000 others swarming the bar for a hot toddy.

Psst. They’ll be a thing.

Pubs are literally banning you for wearing them

There is no sight that would put you off a pub sooner than a rake of gas tickets filling in to it, all wearing matching Christmas jumpers and reindeer antlers.

Make it original, like these lads

1846652 Source: Barry Ward

original Source: Barry Ward

You are almost guaranteed to get stuck to someone in a stuffy pub

365.352a Ugly Christmas jumpers Source: remysharp

See those bobbles? They will stick to you.

They’re so expensive and you can only wear them once or twice

Talk about putting a limitation to the banter.

Penney’s start selling them in September

Nevermind being sick of them by Christmas day, we’re sick of them by Halloween.

Football teams are evening jumping on the bandwagon

Time for you to get off.

Some people are even starting to make their own and we can just not let this happen

PhHlYht Source: Imgur

* Barf*

Unless it is these people. These people get a pass

PR-photo-matching-grandparents - Copy Source: Prweb

Go hard or go home.

Supermarkets are a no no

What do they have to do with Christmas?

new2 Source: Wp

Dublin failed to break the record for most jumpers worn last weekend

Evidence of waning interest if there ever was.

2473566 Source: Leon Farrell, Rolling News

Do the right thing, leave the jumper at home.

3739__32986.1448731503.285.365 Source: Bigcommerce

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