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7 reasons why it's okay to embrace Christmas right now

We don’t know, this seems very unorthodox.

THERE’S A VERY thin line between when it’s too early to start talking about Christmas, and when it’s just right.

We think the time has come to give in to temptation, have a curly wurly for breakfast, and start planning your telly watching.

Here’s why…

1. The Santa Clause was on telly last weekend

Source: Crushable

And National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was on the week before that.

Source: Amazonaws

However, it is too early for the Joni Mitchell scene in Love Actually. Some things are just too sacred.

Source: ekielska

2. The 12 Pubs planning has begun

Source: Iqcontent

3. They’re switching on lights up and down the country this weekend

christmas Grafton Street Source: @DandelionDublin


4. The John Lewis ad has been revealed

Source: JohnLewisRetail

Surely these are soon to follow:

Source: Coca-Cola

Source: Jerome Curtin

(It’s okay to have a little cry at this point, if you want)

5. People are making puddings and cakes

The “special shelves” of flour, raisins, ground almonds and candied peel have sprung up in supermarkets up and down the land, meaning everyone else has started making their puddings and cakes EXCEPT  YOU!

Quick! Pelt out and buy a bottle of stout and some greaseproof paper!

Source: minor9th

Source: dumbledad

Source: edwardkimuk

6. You’ve already bought one tree ornament. Just the one mind

Source: Amazon


Source: Livbit

Source: Etsy

7. Looking at the following images will hit you right in the childhood and make you yearn for Christmas past

Source: Wordpress


Source: BlogSpot

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