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Cillian Murphy had the most Irish response to a journalist's smelly shite

“Oh sweet Mary Mother of God! Jaysus!”

Peaky Blinders world premiere - Birmingham Source: Katja Ogrin

YOU CAN TAKE the boy out of Cork….

The comments thread on a Jezebel article asking readers for their anecdotes about ‘the best time a celebrity was a dick to you’ has yielded our favourite Cillian Murphy story ever.

One contributor (and former tabloid journalist) writes about a time she was preparing to interview Murphy as part of the press tour for the film Red Eye at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Rachel (McAdams, Murphy’s co-star) had just left, and there was a pause before Cillian Murphy came in, so I took the opportunity to use the bathroom in the suite. As I said, I had an upset stomach, so I DESTROYED that toilet.
Just as I was finishing up, there was a knock, so of course I said “Just a minute!” and hustled to wash up and let whoever was out there access. I open the door, and there is Cillian.



I suddenly realize just how bad my bowel movement had been and attempted to warn him. With that cute Irish accent, he assured me that he was sure it would be fine, and we switched places.
As he closed the door, all I heard was “Oh sweet Mary Mother of God! Jaysus!” Sorry Cillian. Sorry toilet at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

We checked, and there was indeed a Red Eye press junket at the Regent Beverly Wilshire in August 2005, and Cillian Murphy was there (evidence here and here).

No word on if he recovered from the bathroom stank though.

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