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10 people who are desperately jealous of Claire Underwood

Are we scared of her, or do we want to BE her? That is the question.

BY NOW, EVERYONE’S made a good dent in the new episodes of House of Cards – and Frank Underwood’s scheming wife Claire is emerging as the strongest character of season three.

claireunderwood Source: Netflix

Played by Robin Wright, Claire is elegant, calculating, and almost too chic. Basically, Claire Underwood is everyone’s #goals.

People everywhere are emulating her fitness regime

“One time, I saw Claire Underwood wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.”

f136836a-011d-4fdf-8023-58cb70bd6078 Source: Playbuzz

Everyone is highly envious of her many talents

tumblr_n1q144hb3v1ttrynvo5_500 Source: Huffingtonpost

Some people want her to take them under her wing and teach them her ways

TtXjq9i Source: Imgur

And some people just want her ability to pull off a smart suit

We feel you, Marcus. We feel you.

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