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Eighties US TV imports we all watched and loved

These hour long treats taught us so much.

IRISH TELLY MEMORIES are punctuated with Glenroe, Where in the World, Play the Game and Dempsey’s Den, but what about the imported shows that inhabited our tellys.

We’re talking McGyver, Matlock and Murder She Wrote, and all the other eighties greats.

(Some of these crept into the ninties, so please, allow us some poetic licence, in the name of Jessica Fletcher)


Loveable old Matlock was always getting the better of those crooks…


Jake and the Fatman

The Fatman and his dog were the image of each other…



A paper clip, some chewing gum, and a devilishly handsome man. McGyver was our hero…



Murder She Wrote

If we saw Jessica Fletcher coming we’d run a mile, because were she went, death followed…

Let’s bow our heads and pay homage to the Irish episode The Wind Around the Tower, in which Jessica stayed at a house supposedly haunted by a weeping ghost. Needless to say, a murder soon needed solving.

Jessica returned to Ireland for the 2003 TV movie The Celtic Ridde, and yes you guessed it, there was a murder…


The A Team

We love it when a plan comes together…


Knight Rider

Before David Hasselhoff donned the red trunks and before he was big in Germany…


Highway to Heaven

Michael Landon (RIP) was the angel who was sent to earth to help troubled souls…



California Highway Police, solving crimes, taking names…


China Beach

Deserves a nomination for the best theme tune of all time…


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