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Your Facebook search history is a thing of nightmares

Here’s how to get rid of it.

THERE’S BEEN A bit of hoo-ha over Facebook’s privacy policies and speculation over how they’re going to use your WhatsApp! data. But listen sure, you’ve bigger fish to fry.

So you’re a massive stalker and you spend hours searching for people you vaguely know?

Nobody will see, it’s grand, right?


Facebook keeps track of it all. Every. Single. Search.


Prepare for the worst… select activity log


Head to the sneaky sidebar


Dubiously select ‘search’


Take a long hard look at yourself

- Imgflip



But worry not. You can clear this filth from your life. Simply click the Clear Searches option in the right-hand corner and sleep a bit easier tonight


Hallelujah, indeed. AND, a new first port of call if someone leaves their Facebook signed in now instead of a status saying they’ve wet themselves.

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