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6 simple ways to cut back on your coffee expenses

Fund the addiction the cheap way.

SO, YOU’RE ADDICTED to coffee. It’s OK, most of us are.

Things can get even rougher when you end up spending €4 on a fancy foamy treat, even if you got one three times a week, that’s €48 a month on coffee alone.

Here’s a few simple ways to cut down that cost.

1. Utilise the office machine

If you’re lucky enough to have one, learn how to use it to make the fancy coffees you buy. Use the steamer or the microwave to make some hot milk, get some syrups or flavourings from a shop and you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

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2. Go to grocery shops and delis instead of the chains

Usually, machine-made self service coffees will be worlds cheaper than fancy Americanos or filter coffees, and will do the same trick. In fact, many garage coffees nowadays would give the chains a run for their money and are about €2 cheaper.

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3. Get a French press for your desk

This is an initial expenditure, but it will save you so much in the long run. A bag of beans will last you for AGES and if you buy them in a coffee shop they will almost always ground them for you so you don’t have to buy one yourself.

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4. Pick up a loyalty card

If you absolutely insist on getting fancy takeaway coffees, you should definitely inquire into an loyalty cards on offer. Costa do a points system similar to Boots which is actually quite good for savings, while Starbucks do a reward system. The likes of Insomnia and smaller independent shops do a simple stamp system which is always a winner when you fill her up.

So many coffee loyalty cards Nick J Webb Nick J Webb

5. Cut the fancy syrups and extra shots

They can add as much as 60c on to each cup. Get a coffee every day and you’re spending €4.20 on syrup you could buy an entire bottle for for €2.

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6. Change your drink

In Starbucks, a large latte can cost over a fiver. A filter, however, will cost you just €2 with free refills. You can also get more bang for your buck by simply switching from a cappuccino to a latte. The latte has more milk in it, so will avoid a cup of foam with espresso that’s gone in a jiffy.

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