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No one is able to get over this coffee served in a test tube

But there is an explanation. Sort of.

RESTAURANTS AND cafés got very, erm… creative in 2015, choosing to serve meals in a variety of unusual ways – a trend which has been diligently documented by the Twitter account We Want Plates.

But what has angered people the most is this assault on what was supposed to be a simple cup of black coffee.

At this as yet unnamed café in London, coffee is served in what can only be described as an entire chemistry set:

We haven’t a notion what’s going on here, and judging by the 1,200 retweets, very few other people do either.

But Twitter user Charl Page has explained that it’s a ‘deconstructed Americano’, and isn’t as silly as most people might think (but still pretty silly).

As coffee nerds probably already know, pouring hot water on top of espresso ‘scalds the coffee’. By pouring the test tube of espresso into the hot water, you’re avoiding that problem.

notoriousctp Source: Twitter/@CharlTaylorPage

This right here? This is why we drink tea.

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