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9 fears and struggles anyone with cold sores will recognise

Pass the lysine.

1. You live in constant fear

There could be a cold sore hiding around every corner, waiting to affix a crusty cornflake to your lip.

Rubecca Source: Instagram

2. ‘Treating the tingle’ isn’t so easy at 3am when you have no Zovirax to hand and not a chemist in the land is open


Wish these cold sores would bugger off Source: luciebauer_x

3. You pledge to always carry a tube of potential miracle cream with you at all times

But this quickly goes out the window when you forgot it on day two. You’re not convinced treating the tingle even works, but your friend tried it with Acic and swears her cold sore only lasted, like, 23 minutes, and you will try anything. ANYTHING.

我现在觉得连动物的嘴巴都如此性感。。#sick#coldsore#fuk#ottawa#canada#mask Source: l.y.y__

4. And then when you do apply the cream, it’s all anyone can see anyway

Yes. I have a cold sore. Everybody gather round. Roll up, roll up.

Great way to start the #week Source: markonosuke

5. Going on holidays is always tinged with a sliver of dread

Travelling AND sunshine. Two of cold sore’s favourite things.

the face you make when you arrive in time at your barber's and he has 3 clients waiting in line bc he is da best (or maybe just slow and unorganised) #stillworthit #arab #barber #kreis4 #ali #haircut #beard #brownhair #browneyes #coldsore #somuchfun #haircut #always #redcheeks Source: kingluminho

6. You’ll go to extreme lengths to hide your gob

“Get in for a picture there girls”

*hovers pint in front of face, skirting towards the back*

Someone has a #coldsore #drunk#vodka Source: tutss33

7. You spend a fortune on Lysine tablets

No harm, right?

Đến mùa là bịnh Source: hwphong

8. You’ve crushed Lysine tablets up and applied them directly to the cold sore in a moment of mad desperation

#무소식이희소식 #일기 한국시간으로새벽 오늘아침에 걸려온 엄마의 #보이스톡 몇초만의 드는 만가지생각 무슨일이 생겼는지 아픈건지 다행이도 내사진을보고 입술에#coldsore 발견한 울엄마 걱정에 전화를 거셨다. 예상치못한 시간에 걸려오는 전화는 나를 긴장하게 한다. #휴다행 . .#ootd#오오티디#패션#스타일#스타일블로거 #fashion#chic#styles#yycstyleblogger 초록모자에 연두귀걸이 매치했어유 Source: danadaeeun.kim

9. You feel like everyone’s looking at you because you’re A MONSTER

“Turn your face away from the garish light of day”

People must think I'm such a bubble-tea-freak -- still drinking when I'm sick... So wanna make a hole on the mask!! #imnotsick but got #coldsore n trying to #coverup #getwellsoon pls Source: alykelvina

Some people are just learning that cold sores are herpes

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