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11 simple tips to help you combat the cold weather

It’s manky out there, but there are ways you can cope.

THE WEATHER isn’t pleasant and it ain’t getting better any time soon. Not to worry, here are some tips to keep you warm, cosy and dry.

1. Don’t drain the hot water after you have a bath

If you have a hot bath to warm up, don’t immediately empty the tub. Leaving the water to sit and cool will result in it evaporating and introducing some humidity to the air. Be careful of doing this if you have kids, obviously.

Bath, candles, wine markhillary markhillary

2. Stop your tie from blowing in the wind with a coin

If your tie has a life of its own when it gets a bit windy and there’s not a tieclip to be found, slip a coin in the hem. If it gets TOO windy though, you’ll might get a whack in the face, so exercise with caution. A paper-clip can also do the trick.

Blow Tie derriel street photography derriel street photography

3. Use your smartphone in the rain

Need to use your phone but it’s miserable outside? Use a sandwich bag to cover it if you still need to use it. You’ll look a bit odd, but it’s better than water damage.

maxresdefault YouTube YouTube

4. Heat your room without any heating

All you need is some tea-lights and a bread loaf tin.

Lord fec6 / YouTube

5. Combat a runny nose

Use a bit of chapstick around the nostrils–the mint oil de-congests and keeps the area moisturised. Vaseline also works a charm.

91X1NEY6gOL._SL1500_ Amazon Amazon

6. Avoid wet socks with some extra sandwich bags

Use something plastic like a shower cap or lunch bags between two pairs of socks while you walk to work. Either that, or just wear some suitable boots or bring a spare pair in your bag to change into. If it’s too late and your shoes are already wet, stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture.

Keep-Your-Socks-Dry Mostepicstuff Mostepicstuff

7. Get more out of your radiators with some tin foil

Instead of having your heat absorbed into the wall, placing a sheet of tinfoil behind your radiator will reflect the heat back into your room. MORE FOR YOU.

Radiator-Insulation Bestforagents Bestforagents

8. Display the forecast in Google calendar

mKTjk Imgur Imgur

Now you can prepare for whatever lies ahead.


9. Reduce hat hair

A woolly hat might be necessary but hat hair is a crime. Carry around a little dry shampoo to perk it up once you reach a cosy destination.

batiste-dry-shampoo-2000x2000 Colourcosmetics Colourcosmetics

10. Stop umbrellas from blowing to bits

Umbrellas are imperfect, we all know this. The best you can hope for is to invest in a bubble umbrella, which is most unlikely to blow itself inside out during the horrific combo of both rain AND wind.

511+em93DXL._UL1500_ Amazon Amazon

11. Make a DIY draft stopper

Dealz sell pool noodles, so grab one and make one of these simple DIY draft stoppers for those pesky doors. Instructions here.

51eCnSClWkL._AA300_ Thecraftyblogstalker Thecraftyblogstalker

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