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6 perfect solutions to these problems you'll face this week
Take a load off as we sort out the small problems in life.
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Open thread: What's your one piece of advice for making life a touch easier?
Everyone has one – it’s time to share it.
# squeaky clean
9 deep cleaning tricks all neat freaks should know
Because sometimes it takes more than a lick and a promise.
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Open thread: What are your best cooking tips?
Tell us yours and we’ll tell you ours.
# pro tip
8 pro tips that will enhance your life
You’re welcome.
# the hack of ya
Irish sketch perfectly takes the piss out of life 'hacks'
Your girlfriend won’t watch football…? Get a boyfriend!
11 morning shortcuts to spark your day into action
Always late? Step this way.
# it's freeezing
11 simple tips to help you combat the cold weather
It’s manky out there, but there are ways you can cope.
# life hacks
How to... make emergency supplies
Our favourite Youtube expert Dave Hax has some top tips.
# life hacks
How to... pack as quickly as possible
Our favourite Youtube expert Dave Hax has some top tips.
# life hacks
How to... prep fruit and veg quickly
Our favourite Youtube expert Dave Hax has some top tips.
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12 things you've been doing wrong in the kitchen your whole life*
This article will improve your dinner. *Probably.
# hack of you
7 simple hacks to improve your music festival experience
Don’t spare the hand sanitiser.
# get the shift
7 ways to astound your mates with computer wizardry
Everyone loves a shortcut.
# life hacks
You've been taking off your shirt wrong your entire life
This changes everything. Sort of.
# life hacks
You've been chopping tomatoes wrong your whole life
This changes everything.
# so simple
Life hacks you never knew you needed
How have we survived until now?
# hack of em
Are you desperate enough to use any of these Christmas life hacks?
Hack into Christmas with these top tips.
# can't hack it
WATCH: Brilliantly cynical take on the 'life hack' phenomena
Some life hacks just can’t hack it.
# whoa there
Want to learn how to speed read?
It can be done… but it takes a bit of discipline.
# chore thing
7 life hacks to use around the house
Household chores just got A LOT simpler.
# top tips
19 incredibly simple hacks to improve your life
Are you peeling oranges the wrong way?
# over easy
Wrecked? Hungover? Here's how to hack your breakfast
Want a delicious breakfast but don’t have the energy? We’re here to help.
# mcwhat?
One Neapolitan milkshake please: How to hack fast food menus
Could I get fries with that?
# you do what?
7 things you never knew you wanted to know how to do
Why haven’t you been scrambling eggs in their shells the whole time?
# life lessons
8 everyday things you’re probably doing wrong
There’s a way to make drinks cold quickly that doesn’t involve the freezer. Mind blowing.