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welcome winter!

11 reasons the cold weather is actually great

Winter is here!

SO, YESTERDAY WINTER decided to arrive.  We can’t tell you what happened exactly, but we can tell you that some time around 11am, it swept in and draped the country in cold weather.

We can’t complain.  After all, we’ve had a great run.  And, truth be told, there is lots to love about the cold weather.

These things, for example.

Hot whiskeys

Hot whiskey at the Central Hotel teaandcakes teaandcakes

Or hot ports, whichever you prefer.  They are a comfort and a joy, in moderation you understand.

Hats and scarves

329 of 365 - Bumbles And Me Stephen Nesbit Stephen Nesbit

More opportunities to accessorise, accessory fans!

Less sweat

Sweat Sarah Korf Sarah Korf

The last month or so has been very confusing in terms of clothing, and the muggy weather has meant lots of us arriving at our destinations covered in a sheen of sweat.

Not any longer!

Blankets on the couch

Uranium lounging on the couch qousqous qousqous

Few things are nicer than snuggling up under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy a film. Those blankets have been redundant for ages, but now their time has come again!

Putting the fire on


It just makes everything better.

Pints in a cosy pub

Chain Locker Pub Falmouth :mrMark: :mrMark:

Cold crisp air

Eiskalt Flickr Flickr

It just feels cleaner when you breathe it in, doesn’t it?

Going to the cinema without feeling guilty

cinema weegeebored weegeebored

It’s hard to justify sitting in a big dark room if it’s nice and warm outside, but when it’s cold it’s an absolute joy.

Feeling smug about your hot weather holiday

Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam 2006 NguyenTrung NguyenTrung

There are those among us who were robbed of the opportunity to be smug about their holidays this year because the weather was so good here.

Now, if you’re jetting off to the Canaries or Australia, you can really rub it in people’s faces.

Winter food

Tomato & Basil Soup with Tortellini nettsu nettsu

Soups, stews, and coddles get a new lease of life at this time of year.

Hot water bottles and electric blankets

Best buddy insane gal insane gal

You’ve gotta love the feeling of hopping into a warm bed in a cold room.

Scared dog needs his hand held when he’s in the car>

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