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The 8 realities of getting your college exam results


Anxiety over A-Level changes David Jones / PA David Jones / PA / PA

AFTER A HECTIC exam season in May, college students all over Ireland will be getting their results over the next few weeks.

Whether you’re just wrapping up second year or finishing university for good, getting your results is fraught with difficulties. Here are just a few of them.

1. It’s always anti-climactic in comparison with the Leaving Cert…

Even though the exams can be ten times harder. Advanced Calculus, anyone?

2. The site hosting the results will almost always go down

Yeah, didn’t want to see the results anyway.

3. Trying to figure out the marking scheme is a nightmare

ucc grading UCC UCC

Is that a 2H1 or a 2H2 you got in History and Structure of the Media? Does it even matter? *gives up*

4. There is always one person who is CERTAIN they’ve failed

They just read the marking scheme wrong. Again.

5. The spectre of having to pay to repeat a module looms over everything

No one dares to speak of repeating the whole year.

6. You’re delighted with marks you would have spat on during the Leaving Cert

You, upon getting 52% in Chemistry:

Celebrating Wikia Wikia

7. Your Facebook timeline will be a sea of relief

“Passed the year, thank f**k!” x 100.

8. Yet absolutely no one cares

tumblr_lu522jHWMg1qf28p4o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

“Dad dad, I got a 2.1 in my Shakespearean Drama class!”

“Fantastic. Call us when you’re finished your degree.”

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