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16 photos that perfectly sum up college life

It’s tough out there.

COLLEGE LIFE, IS the good life. You just don’t know it yet.

1. This regular sight when you walk into the kitchen

pictures_that_sum_up_college_life_perfectly_640_27 Source: Izismile

2. Your interpretation of a balanced diet

pictures_that_sum_up_college_life_perfectly_640_04 Source: BlogSpot

3. You’ll go to the recycling bin LATER

college-life-pictures-4 Source: Weknowmemes

It’s actually become a bit of a ‘feature’ now.

4. Word counts, the bane of your life

12088208_973634966008941_8528529985099522228_n Source: Imgur

Only just slightly less than the word count, which is 600 words, to go so we are all thankful for that, thankful for almost meeting the word count, we are.

It’s still TOO SHORT.

mcFsEkf Source: Imgur

5. Life without a toaster

You’ve gotta get creative.

RHQT2GT Source: Imgur

6. You tried, but it’s still not good enough

CO43RmCWUAEjEZ3 Source: CG_609

7. The ‘notes are on Moodle’, and ‘read pages’ cause immediate tune outs in students all across the land

CRJsQvvVEAAOEBB Source: Twimg

8. When you’re buying twenty books you’ll rarely look at

CNxgA-YWUAAVZah Source: CollegeStudent

9. Doing maths homework and praying for a miracle

l2UubQA Source: Imgur

10. You never knew how frugal you could be

DA9D7DO Source: Imgur

11. Don’t get started on group projects

jacobs Source: Funnywebsite

12. College life is just a heap of constant stress, mostly brought upon by yourself

p4gcamn Source: Imgur

13. And begging. All the begging

B7506o9CQAASYHd Source: tbhjuststop

14. Setting alarms for your morning lecture is all well and good before they actually go off

15. Then there’s basic personal care

E7rN7HZ Source: Imgur

What is this? Adult hour?

16. You’ll sort it all out some day though, honest

CQamIpxWUAA2T8F Source: shaneszn

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