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11 situations that will strike the fear of God in every college student

Get promised free pizza. No free pizza.

THIS WEEK, STUDENTS all over Ireland are facing their final exams of the college year.

People think being a student is pretty sweet, but they just don’t understand the struggle. Seriously.

1. When these are your class notes

highlighting Source: ClickHere

What do I need to go over for the exam? Oh yes. Everything.

2. When you get up in time for class to find this

Source: chueloo/Instagram


3. When the lecturer produces one of these bad boys

LVkuwX4 Source: Imgur

Taking attendance? Rude.

4. When you arrive home to this

binpile Source: Blogspot

*sharply inhales*

5. When you go to a place that doesn’t sell 2 for €6 cocktails

Sober night it is, so.

6. When dinner gets dodgy

7. “Cite your references using the Harvard style.”

references Source: Essaybox.org

Get AWAY, would you.

8. When you go to the bathroom and find this (or worse)

llWLal Source: Reddit


9. When the typical exam weather makes an appearance

10. When you go to an event solely for the promised free pizza…

image-635-pizza-box-good-2008-09-15 Source: PlanetArk

But there was only one pizza, and it is gone.

11. When you forget your student card

No discounts, no library entry, no exams.

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