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These people tried the condom challenge for the first time to see what it's like

They would not recommend.


A COUPLE OF weeks ago, something known as the condom challenge caught on and started popping up all over social media.

But what’s the actual craic with it? How dangerous is it? And why were rakes of people doing it?

Buzzfeed Video rounded up a few people to answer those exact questions

presents Source: YouTube

They outlined exactly what we’re dealing with here

presents2 Source: Youtube

The whole thing has been used to promote the fact that no guy is ever “too big” to wear one

safesex Source: YouTube

As in, if it can be filled with water AND dropped over a head then it must be pretty big.

But it was actually really hard to get right for them

safesex2 Source: YouTube

They finally succeeded with one and got it to stick

safesex3 Source: YouTube

But they had a clear message when they were asked their opinions at the end.

“This is not safe, do not try this at home”

safee Source: YouTube

“Why would anyone do this?” said another participant:

Source: BuzzFeedBlue/YouTube

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