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Not everyone gets the 'confess your unpopular opinion' hashtag

Oh hashtags! What did we do before you?

THE TOP TRENDING topic in Ireland this morning is #confessyourunpopularopinion.

Lest their is any confusion, they’re not asking you to confess that you run popular opinion, rather that you have an opinion which is unpopular.

Something like this for example.

We know.  Luminous, etc, but that's the point of this exercise.  The opinions are meant to be unpopular.

Like this one, from someone who doesn't get Kraftwerk

This Directioner who just can't get onboard with modern day Harry Styles

Or this individual who takes issue with a popular food item

Some people are seizing this as an opportunity to get something off their chest

While other people's opinions probably aren't that unpopular

There are some are slightly bizarre

Some people simply courting controversy

And then there are those who don't get it at all

Poor Shaniqua.

What are your unpopular opinions?  Share them with us in the comments.

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