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A Conor McGregor lookalike has been walking around LA and everyone is falling for it


MEET PROFESSIONAL “WORKOUT athlete” Islam Badurgov from Kazakhstan.

When he’s all dressed up, he looks a bit like Conor McGregor:

Yesterday, he was drafted in by the Muscle Madness YouTube channel to walk around Venice Beach in LA pretending to be the Irish MMA star

And everyone bought it hook, line and sinker. Hysteria ensued

Source: Muscle Madness/YouTube

Muscle Beach is the home of workout enthusiasts in the area, obviously, so you’d imagine that played a part in him and his fake entourage getting mobbed.

And boy did they get mobbed, as Islam’s Instagram showed

People were stopping him for photos

conormma Source: YouTube

He replicated McGregor’s infamous open shirt look from the Grand National back in April

conormma2 Source: YouTube

The “prank” has gone viral in the past 24 hours, with nearly 3 million views on the Muscle Madness YouTube channel and many more beyond on Facebook.

Without the shades, Islam doesn’t look all that much like McGregor

But put him in the gear and you can see why everyone fell for it, with thanks to his hype squad giving it the big one around him

Спорт является достаточно сложным явлением. И порой люди, лучше подготовленные физически, технически, более молодые и выносливые, независимо от того, командный ли это вид спорта или нет, терпят поражения. Другие же, считавшиеся перед началом состязаний аутсайдерами, одерживают верх. Воркаут – это не только мышцы и здоровье, это ещё и характер. То, что внутри нас. То, что заставляет нас выкладываться по полной, не жалея ни сил, ни здоровья. То, что делает победителей из весьма посредственных спортсменов с точки зрения их навыков и умений. Поэтому не спешите делать выводы. Когда вы видите совсем юного парнишку или девчонку, у которых ничего не ладится на спортивной площадке, не спешите смеяться над ними. Лучше протяните им руку помощи, подскажите, ведь, вероятнее всего, их упорству и характеру позавидуют именитые спортсмены и, быть может, вы будете помогать будущим Олимпийским чемпионам.😉 ----------------- Sport is a complicated phenomenon. And sometimes, despite of physical and technical abilities, age or endurance, people suffer defeats. At the same time, the others, who were considered as outsiders - worst. Street Workout is not only muscles and health, it is a spirit. It's something inside us. Something that makes us work out hard, till faint, sacrificing health. Something that makes mediocre athlete a champion. That's way don't rush to judge. When you see some young boy or girl that doesn't succeed, don't rush to laugh. Help them, tell how to succeed, because may be their insistence and character are stronger can make jealous even famous athletes, and may be it is a future Olympic champion in front of you.

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He’s got the look down, but what about the voice? The YouTube clip doesn’t feature him speaking much, but this video on Instagram shows he hasn’t quite got the Dublin lilt down

No comments😂👍 @thenotoriousmma

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Fair play to him though, he had half of Venice Beach believing he was the real thing.

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