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Would you try these 'chocolate chip and honeycomb' sausages on sale in Lidl?

For a fry with a difference.

Domhnall Gleeson was the ultimate fangirl for Jennifer Lawrence at the Mother! premiere

These two need to become a couple asap.

Chrissy Teigen discovered Channel 4's Naked Attraction in her hotel room and her reaction was brilliant

“Oh my god they are just looking at genitalia. It’s zooming in on penis and balls”

Aengus Mac Grianna had the best facial expression after a mistake on the RTÉ News last night

“Here lads, what’s going on here?”

Nicole Kidman does not approve of Dublin actor Barry Keoghan's passion for boxing

The actress said that her maternal instincts are the reason why she doesn’t want him to box.

People are seriously ripping the piss out of Balenciaga's latest €650 runners

Everyone seems to agree that they look like they were found in a lost property bin.

Barack Obama completely surprised a group of high school students by walking into their class to join them

He’s the last person you’d expect to see in school.

The photos of US Open winner Sloane Stephens reacting to receiving her cash prize are iconic

You really can’t help but feel happy for her.

12 times the audience was the best part of the Late Late Show

They never fail to deliver the goods.

People on Twitter are dissecting the strange assortment of decorations on Donald Trump Jr's desk

This man doesn’t really understand the concept of keeping photographs on your desk.

Megan Fox's husband has responded to criticism the couple faced for letting their 4-year-old son wear a dress

How can someone feel comfortable berating a child for harmlessly having fun?

Beyoncé travelled to her hometown in Houston to meet the victims of Hurricane Harvey and offer them support

Beyoncé, her mother and Blue Ivy served food to 400 victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Marian Keyes shared some wisdom about mental health and relationships on The Late Late Show

“Don’t blame yourself if you can’t find the cause. It’s an illness.”

Pharrell 'Forever Young' Williams shared his skincare routine and everyone's taking notes

The man is 44 and looks 24. We’ll be following his lead.

Lords of Strut held a dance party on the DART this week and people were surprisingly up for it

Even if we’re just dancin’ on the dart~

Kelis has finally shared the recipe for her milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard

In 2017 she can teach you, but she’ll no longer charge.

Sam Smith has finally returned with his first new single since 2015 and he's still as sad as ever

Somebody tell Sam Smith that everything’s going to be OK.

This granny dressed up as Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones and completely rocked it

Some mild spoilers inside for the final episode of GoT season 7. Beware!

These adorable Minnie Mouse-inspired heels are coming to Penneys

We predict a riot (again).

This video of an Irish man squeezing himself into a tiny pair of Poco jeans is gas

“I feel light as a feather… Ready for the town.”

Flo is already the queen of the new series of GBBO

Cool as a cucumber. Or should that be watermelon?

Stormzy asked Ronan Keating for a selfie at the GQ Awards and the pair really hit it off

As a result, Ronan Keating, Liam Gallagher and Stormzy are talking about a collaboration.

The trailer for Saoirse Ronan's Oscar-tipped film Lady Bird is finally here

Her American accent is very convincing.

18 awful things every Irish woman has done to her hair

Bless us father for we have all sinned.

This lovely story about a Bus Eireann driver's act of kindness in Cork is taking over Facebook

Driver Gabor stopped to help a man with dementia and has become a local hero.

A bat flew into a family home in Kerry and the hilarious chaos that ensued was caught on film

In summary: a Kerry man tries to catch a bat in a towel while his family scream and piss in the background.

Nintendo have announced that Mario has retired from being a plumber

In fairness, when’s the last time you saw him unclog a toilet?

12 of the quickest reactions to the royal baby announcement

Royal baby 3: RESURRECTION.

The 19 milestones of getting home from Electric Picnic

Welcome home, you grubby lot.

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