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9 of the best conspiracy theories about the cancelled One Direction gig

The mystery goes on.

Apple Music Festival 2015 - London The mysterious case of the missing Directioner. Source: David Jensen

AS MOST PEOPLE are aware by now, there was a One Direction-themed disaster in Belfast last night.

The gig at the SSE Arena had to be cancelled at the very last minute because Liam Payne had been taken ill.

But some One Direction fans in Ireland and around the world needed more. They needed the whole truth:

So some theories started popping up as to what really happened in Belfast last night:

Theory 1: Liam was never in Belfast, so the claim that the illness and gig cancellation was sudden does not stand up

c4bfb320-c8b9-0131-98bd-7e01d38ad2c9 Source: Imgix


Theory 2: The no show by Liam is just a ploy to launch a solo career in the near future

tumblr_mk8sc35u9h1qg9q0qo1_500 Source: Perezhilton

Create that tension.

Theory 3: That One Direction’s label dropped the band’s new video Perfect last night to calm the fan dissent over the no show gig

Source: OneDirectionVEVO/YouTube

Was it a coincidence that it went live on YouTube right after the Belfast gig was cancelled?

Theory 4: That Liam was definitely not ill last night – and all talk of hospital visits is a smokescreen to the TRUTH

landscape-1440585200-lp Source: Cdnds

Theory 5: That Liam’s illness was indeed real – and an insanely detailed prognosis was required to prove it

So many theories.

Theory 6: The gig cancellation is all a ruse to hide something mysterious happening behind the scenes

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13004-1385132752-7 Source: Buzzfed

Theory 7: Or that there was a major fight backstage between the whole band

one-direction-celebrates-three-years Source: Perezhilton

So unconfirmed. But such delicious gossip.

Theory 8: One Direction ALSO dropped their song Home on Spotify last night – leading people to wonder why so many things happened in the space of one night

one-direction Source: Wordpress

Theory 9: And finally, that Liam had a serious case of diarrhoea – and this personal information just won’t be announced

tumblr_manvssTvtx1ro02ceo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Case closed. Nothing to see here.

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