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This cookie burger shouldn't work on any level, but it does

Oh boy.


You’re hungover and suffering from a severe case of dry-mouth. All you want is fizzy orange and beige food. Until now.

Introducing the ‘cookie burger’. It’s a burger placed between two Smarties cookies and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of/needed.

cookieburger Source: The Vulgar Chef/Instagram

It’s the brainchild of Kyle Marcoux who writes The Vulgar Chef, a blog dedicated to food that is insanely bad for you.

He also has an eBook coming out, the rather aptly titled Eat Like Sh*t. To promote the book, Marcoux has been posting photos of his calorific creations. They are both horrifying and weirdly appetising.

For example, here’s a red velvet corn dog.

redvelvetcorndog Source: The Vulgar Chef/Instagram

Here’s a pickle dipped in caramel and M&Ms.

pickle Source: The Vulgar Chef/Instagram

And here’s a helping of Cookie Crisp served up in a bowl made from, you guessed it, cookie dough.

cookiecrisp Source: The Vulgar Chef/Instagram

Between all this and pizza cake, our arteries ache.

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