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# Hangovers

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# remedies
Wine before beer, or beer before wine? Either way, you'll be hungover - study
“The only reliable way of predicting how miserable you’ll feel the next day is by how drunk you feel and whether you are sick.”
# in lego
The 8 different types of hangover, ranked from worst to best
Which one are you today?
# no bother
10 extremely Irish understatements
We wouldn’t be ones for making a big deal out of things, now.
# In bits
This guy claims to have invented 'hangover-free alcohol' and we're very interested, TBH
A real service to humanity.
# boiled shite
11 things only people who get terrible hangovers will understand
# in lego
It's official: Women have worse hangovers than men
# dying
The 15 levels of hangover
Hangover level: The Worst.
# hangin'
You can now get a 'hangover cure' directly into your veins in Dublin (for €200)
Here’s what it involves.
# dying
6 of Ireland's worst hangovers of recent years
# solpadeine is bae
Sorry lads - but there's actually no cure for a hangover
Drinking water before bed does NOTHING. Can you believe it?
# be pre-peared
Scientists found a new way to beat hangovers and it could be in your fruit bowl
In the absolute horrors? Do this next time.
# fizzy orange
A highly scientific study* into the effectiveness of Orangina as a hangover cure
*well, not really.
# in lego
Red, white, or rosé? Here's the wine that'll give you the worst hangover
Plan accordingly.
# beige
The #HungoverForEquality hashtag is the best thing on Twitter today
Get some Lucozade into you Ireland. Be grand.
# in lego
The 10 emotional stages of being hungover at work
Shhh. There there.
# in a hoop
11 films guaranteed to soothe your New Year's hangover
Beige food for your brain.
# cookie burger
This cookie burger shouldn't work on any level, but it does
Oh boy.
# Office space
Irish video beautifully portrays the worst things about working in an office
From the photocopy rage to the half-arsed singing of Happy Birthday around your desk.
# fresh as a daisy
Hangover taxi service may just be the answer to all our prayers
Sadly, it’s only available in London.
# Bad reputation
New web service will monitor your social media for 'inappropriate' posts
Persona will make your profile look squeaky clean to potential employers.
# binge drinking
Hangovers actually get better later in life
Cheers to science. (But seriously, don’t do it anyway.)
# in the horrors
QUIZ: How to tell if you were out last night
We’d better check, just to make sure.
# chinese takeaway
9 foods you firmly believe will cure a hangover
But probably won’t.
# wine me
Wines getting boozier - and leaving us with worse hangovers
But it’s our own fault, say wine economists – consumers want fruitier wines which involve higher sugar/alcohol levels.
# morning after
9 terrible pieces of hangover advice from the internet
# Hangovers
What will their heads be like the morning after?