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'I had 3 marriage proposals': The inside story of the Cork man who went super viral

Liam Murphy’s generosity led to The Ellen Show getting in touch, and so much more.

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Last week the Cork man got the world’s attention when he took his taxi driver in Abu Dhabi to a theme park because he had never been before.

The story went global, as people were touched by Liam’s generosity

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But over the last week – every radio station, TV channel and news organisation from around the world has been trying to reach him. That’s not to mention the hundreds of messages he has received on social media.

As Liam tells DailyEdge.ie, the experience has been a daunting one:

At first I was excited about doing interviews and going live on the radio but that has changed. I’m tired of it. I don’t want credit. I just shared this on Facebook for my friends to see and changed it to a public post when it made the news.

liamaklt Source: Facebook

And Liam’s Facebook page has been hopping ever since:
Last Tuesday I received 348 friend requests and because they all had good things to say I continued to add people until Thursday. I had to stop.

But perhaps most exciting of all, the producers of The Ellen Show were in touch to talk to him about a possible appearance

ellen-og-1200x630.v2013_09_24_120108 Source: Ellentv

But Liam had to turn the show down, such was his exhaustion over the coverage:

I have told the guy from the Ellen show that I don’t want to go on… but they want to keep in contact which is cool with me. I don’t think I’d deal with another blast of media trying to talk about the same topic over and over.

He’s still in touch with the producers though:

The Ellen Show people asked me what my availability was like for September. I knew they were lining me up for something and I didn’t want any more attention. They still want to chat next week so maybe my opinion will change but I doubt it at this stage.

The theme park that Liam took the taxi driver to – Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi – did give him and his family lifetime memberships to the park, which could be a nice little perk.

liam4 Source: Facebook

Liam changed his name on Facebook to try and halt the deluge of people requesting to be his friend, but in the few days that people were contacting it was all a bit mad:

I had three marriage proposals from people last week! People I’d never met or spoke with – they just heard me on the radio, be it in Dubai, Australia or Ireland.

proposalliam Source: Liam Murphy Facebook

All the attention on Liam had an impact on his mobile bill as well:
My network provider cut me off last Friday because of all the calls I was taking abroad. My phone bill had gone over the €250 limit for 30 days and they told me my total bill was now €336.

But all in all, it’s been quite the experience for the Cork man:

My friends back home have christened me “superstar” and it’s a constant piss take which is good craic. Hopefully things will calm down over the next week! Give me back my boring old life any day though.

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