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Coronation Street's live episode helped a guy propose to his girlfriend last night

Now they can say they got engaged in the Rover’s Return! (Sort of.)

CORONATION STREET had a special live episode last night, which appeared to go off without a hitch (shame, we do love a good line-flub).

But one Corrie fan got the shock of her life when her boyfriend proposed to her using a prop from the soap.

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During the show, producers asked what message fans would like to see on the blackboard in the Rover’s Return.

Sure enough, halfway through the show, the camera panned right up to the blackboard before an ad break and a message could be seen:

CPnHXxnWEAAoSf8 Twitter / @itvcorrie Twitter / @itvcorrie / @itvcorrie

Katie Lowe, will you marry me?

Here’s a closer look, in case you can’t make it out:

It certainly did the job, because Adam tweeted later that Katie had accepted his proposal:

N’yawww. Congrats Adam and Katie!

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