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19 signs you grew up in a Coronation Street house

That theme tune meant only one thing… Dinnertime!


Whether or not you’re an avid fan these days, if you grew up in a house where Coronation Street was on the box, you’ve learned all about it by osmosis.

There are certain feelings, memories and characters that only a child brought up on a strict diet of Corrie can understand…

1. Rita could almost be one of your aunts or Mam’s friends

Who is that woman again? Is it Rita off Corrie or is it your Auntie Eileen? Childhood memories blur together a bit. Such is the nature of a kind face.

Source: Grenada TV/Wikimedia

Same goes for Audrey, but let’s face it, she was definitely more of a head-wrecker.

Source: Grenada TV/Wikimedia

2. Vera and Jack Duckworth are a poster couple for you

They personified true love.

Source: Coronation Street Updates

3. “You + Me Song” will always remind you of Richard Hillman

The Street’s serial killer. “THIS IS IT! I LOVE YOU!”

Source: sarah jane

4. You fancied (or wanted to be) Adam Rickett

And you knew guys at school who definitely emulated his classic 90s curtains Sun-In hairdo.

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

And, of course, you can remember his foray into pop.

Source: MusicVideoVault

5. You can do an incredible Fred Elliott impression

“I say, I say, I say…”

(RIP Fred, of course.)

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

6. No matter how much the storylines have moved on – to you, Mike Baldwin will always own Underworld

That snake! Poor old Alma.

Source: Corriepedia

7. Sarah-Louise’s pregnancy prompted “the talk”

In 2000, the 13-year-old Sarah-Louise fell pregnant with baby Bethany. It spawned serious “talks” up and down the land.

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

8. Les Battersby’s hair looked kind of like a fluffy baby chick

Didn’t it? So soft. Wonder did he use Janice’s conditioner?

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

And, look, it’s Maxine!

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

9. You remember the massive FREE DEIRDRE campaign

Source: Georgia Taylor

Deirdre also is a complete old reliable for you at costume parties.

Source: FancyDress.com

10. Watching actors make the move from Corrie to the mainstream was thrilling

Like that Helen Flanagan? She’ll always been a prepubescent bratty Webster kid to you.

11. This fact will definitely astound you

Betty Driver played Betty Williams. She passed away in 2011. In the show, she was well-known for her Lancashire hotpot – but in real life she was a vegetarian. So now!

12. You might not have watched it in years, but you’re still absolutely devo about Hayley

A truly sob-inducing storyline.

13. You remember THAT tram collision

Almost 27 million people tuned in to see Alan Bradley get his comeuppance for his psychological abuse of Rita in the late 80s.

(PS, how amazing is Rita’s coat?)

Source: CCGillyNomad

14. Did you have a bit of a thing for Raquel?

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

15. Steve McDonald… Or Steve Buscemi?

You might not have seen this resemblance as a kid, but it’s undeniable now. UNDENIABLE.

Source: Grenada TV/Miami Vice wikia/DailyEdge.ie

16. Vera Duckworth’s earrings were fascinating

So glam, so fierce, so plastic.

Source: Grenada TV/ITV/UTV

17. Leopard print, to this day, always reminds you of Bet Lynch

Whether you want it to or not.

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

18. You can’t decide who is more annoying – Sally or Gail

Ugh. Seriously. Sally Webster and Gail Platt. What a gruesome twosome.

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Source: EMPICS Entertainment

19. That theme tune meant dinnertime

Fish fingers and beans and potato waffles. Going down to your nana’s on Sunday. Getting your pocket money and going down to the shop as your parents settled in to watch. The true test of a child who grew up in a Corrie house is their emotional reaction to the opening bars of the theme tune.

Altogether now…

Source: mrMustache1996

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