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Everybody needs a friend as dedicated as this guy

Birthday greetings done right. Sort of.

turk-and-jd Source: Mightyinkcomics

NEED A REFRESHER on what it means to be a good friend? Here. Have this.

Imgur user Cory Wallace’s friend Dustin turned 20 this time last year, and thanked everyone for their birthday wishes on Facebook. Unluckily (or maybe luckily?) for Dustin, Cory decided to interpret his calls for a countdown entirely literally:

L12Agiq Source: Imgur

Funny and all, except Cory actually stuck to his word. Every day, he left a comment on Dustin’s status, counting down to his next birthday:

1kPYyoO Source: Imgur

After the first month or so, people started complimenting Cory on his dedication to the cause – but to him, it was all about ‘being a good friend’.

(We’ll give you the edited highlights, but if you want to see the countdown in all its glory, click here.)

FLeyte2 Source: Imgur

xAOG3US Source: Imgur

Q0a5UzI Source: Imgur

TmkjPzG Source: Imgur

As the time ticked closer and closer to his birthday, Dustin had an existential crisis of sorts.

What’s going to happen to our friendship once this is over, Cory??

Na8dQR7 Source: Imgur

But the day finally arrived:

gV2YqJw Source: Imgur

6dYYTux Source: Imgur

The true meaning of friendship.

giphy Source: Giphy

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