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Couple announce wedding by recreating film and TV posters in impressive fashion

Talk about raising the bar.

THESE DAYS LETTING weddings can be quite elaborate.

But if you’re anything like this couple then you’ll want to up your game and announce your wedding details via some carefully made posters.

Joshua and Rachel Watson decide to pay homage to their favourite movie and TV shows and let people know the dates of their weddings.

Working with Jordan Nakamura they’ve created some impressive homages to Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother and even Inception.

We reckon announcing the date via a Mad Men homage is kind of brilliant:

Hinting at the early days of your courtship is easy when you do it like this:

And if you look at how the posters are sequence it announces their engagement, where it’s on, how they’ll “walk the aisle”, have a reception and where dinner is going to be:

All images via Joshua David Watson

H/T to Pleated Jeans

We’ll put it this way, if you’re planning anything wedding related then the bar has been set incredibly high.

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