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A single woman was fed up with fancy couple photos on Facebook so she did this

This is true love.

huttington Source: Facebook/Nicole Larson

CANADIAN STUDENT NICOLE Larson absolutely loves pizza and also happens to be single.

So, what better way to celebrate this romance than with a fancy photo shoot for her and her one true love?

So she got her photographer friend to take some romantic shots of her with some Pizza Hut

pizzacoverimage Source: Facebook/Nicole Larson

Nicole shared the photos to Facebook this week, and they have been shared by nearly 40,000 people

couplepictures Source: Facebook/Nicole Larson

She called the album “Couple Pictures 2015″ and they are absolutely gas

larson Source: Facebook/Nicole Larson

“I wanted to do a spoof of other couples pictures because I am single and in my opinion pizza never lets you down”she told The Huffington Post - as her parody went super viral

somuchlove Source: Facebook/Nicole Larson

But why Pizza Hut specifically? Well, it was the only pizza place in Nicole’s home town when she was growing up – so she felt it was fitting that it featured with her in the shots.

Photographer Miriam Ott told Buzzfeed that the Pizza Hut box was essential:

When she brought the Pizza Hut box, it almost gave her ‘partner’ an identity, so I made sure the brand was right side up, and peeking out in all the shots we took.

“I just want you. Nothing else, just you” Nicole says on her Facebook post

treeee Source: Facebook

What a romantic story

finallarson Source: Facebook/Nicole Larson

True love will never let you down.

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