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These couples described each other to a sketch artist and the results were brilliant

A tough task.

TRYING TO TO give a detailed physical description of your other half is hardly the easiest task – and it’s all the harder to be accurate when you have to do it to a police sketch artist.

So, the guys over at Distractify got a few couples into a room and made them try and describe their better half in as much detail as possible – and the results were hilarious.

“If you took Ryan Gosling and made him look a little more tired”

gosling Youtube Youtube

His eyebrows: “Like a ferret, across his forehead”

ferrte Youtube Youtube

“Kind of like Elvis… if he didn’t brush his hair”

elvis Youtube Youtube

“Rounded… not too alienish”

alienish Youtube Youtube

“Her hair sort of starts back on the forehead… like a capital D”

capitalD Youtube Youtube

And the final results were worth the painful descriptions

reaction Youtube Youtube

Watch the full video here, and try and imagine what exactly you would say in that situation:

DistractifyYT / YouTube

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