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7 perfect gifts for the crazy cat lady in your life

Show them you care.

CAT LOVERS GET a bad rap. Really, they’re no crazier than your average pet owner, except they can be rendered pretty much powerless by gifs like these:


If you were wondering how to treat the cat lady in your life, look no further. Here are seven perfect gifts.

This hoodie, with a kangaroo pocket for your cat

top3 Unihabitat Unihabitat

Cuddly! You can pop off the pouch to wash it – catering for all your cat hair-removal needs.

A Kitt-in Box

For when your cat refuses to sit anywhere but here:

579761138_2384373a41_b Flickr / deerwooduk Flickr / deerwooduk / deerwooduk

You can put it here, right on the edge of your desk:

20150414155033-Desk2a IndieGoGo IndieGoGo

Your productivity will go through the roof!

Crafting With Cat Hair


Cats leave behind a lot of hair. Why not do something with it? Makes sense, like.

This beautiful and true cross-stitch

ddc95ec5bf3d0b8714fd8e6a32f6216c Pinterest Pinterest

Cat owner solidarity.

A cat teepee that the cat will refuse to sleep in

Wren_1_6bba3fec-2ef2-453b-a216-4f281956f818_1024x1024 Cat Tipi Cat Tipi

Feline law dictates that you must never set foot in anything your human purchases for you to sleep in. But look! TEEPEE!

Any cat costume

A simple shark costume is proven to work though:

sharkcostume YouTube YouTube

Because a resentful kitten is a cute kitten.

This essential guide

51fOdKLaK+L Amazon Amazon

Every cat owner has thought about it at some stage. Make your dream a reality.

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