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9 emoji masterpieces that'll make your texts look boring

How did we communicate before emojis? HOW?!

LAST WEEK IT was announced that iPhone users will soon be enjoying 250 new emoji icons, to be added in July. 

The new additions include a bed, a floppy disk (WHY?), a skull and crossbones, a Vulcan Salute and most excitingly, a middle finger emoji. There is still no cheese emoji, but we live in hope.

Anything that helps us better express our complicated, complicated feelings is most welcome, and anything that furthers the cause of emoji art even more so.

Yes, art. Emojis are art now.

This rendering of Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love, entirely in emojis

Source: JESSE HILL/Vimeo

This game of emoji Connect Four…

181a1d6ukddf0jpg Source: Gizmodo

A game of emoji chess, perhaps…

chess-emoi Source: Itechnow

…or some Space Invaders

space_invaders_emoji.jpg Source: StudentBeans.com

This emoji masterpiece

tumblr_mhgdtcuuO71qka8zbo1_500 Source: underground-k-i-n-g.tumblr.com

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune, in emojis

funny-emoji-balloon-fresh-prince-1 Source: Smosh

funny-emoji-balloon-fresh-prince-2 Source: Smosh

This emoji island paradise

nanchor.jpg Source: Studentbeans.com

This emoji biography of Miley Cyrus

My boyfriend wrote the biography of Miley Cyrus in emoji - Imgur Source: Imgur

This emoji car chase

The use of perspective in this one is admirable. Good work!

Ridin-Dirty Source: Walyou

These people have a lot of time on their hands. BUT WE LOVE THEM FOR IT. Go forth and create with your new emojis, artists.

Unfortunate Aengus Mac Grianna typo on the RTÉ website>

You have to hear Irish comedian David O’Doherty’s strangely accurate Grand Design song>

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