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This bizarre green sea creature is creeping out the internet

Running away forever.

BEWARE, THIS IS pretty distressing.

Footage of a strange green creature has been slowly creeping across the internet and freaking everybody out. The video was shot in Japan by Wei Cheng Jian and posted on Facebook to a collective WTAF. He found the gooey creature while fishing at a port in Penghu.

According to The Telegraph, the best guess as to what this might be is a ribbon worm or green Nemertea which can live underwater or in damp places.

As for that pink thing? It’s most like a proboscis, which is used for hunting.

Imagine being hunted by this? Sweet dreams.

Source: thruthem/YouTube

Gak. BRB, leaving planet earth. Surely aliens won’t be this unappealing.

Is this the single stupidest letter ever written to a newspaper?>

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