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This sign for a 'missing boyfriend' says what every single girl is thinking

Have you seen this half-decent boyfriend? Do NOT let him escape.

BORED OF THE dating scene? Tired of Tinder? If all else has failed, you might want to try this.

A sign for a ‘missing half-decent boyfriend’ has been spotted around London over the past couple of days. This guy is over 6ft tall, has his own/hair and teeth, and presumed non-existent.

tumblr_inline_n81numN6f31s2i1hw Source: Crowdwish

“Just not a d**k basically.” Hear hear.

The sign was put up by Crowdwish, a social project which ‘actions’ one person’s wish every day. This particular wish was from someone who wanted to find “an amazing boyfriend”

You may be surprised to discover that there were a number of serious applicants – according to the Crowdwish blog, there were three perfect candidates, and they’ve forwarded their details on to the girl who made the wish.

Will it work out? Who knows, but we like this hands-on approach to finding love. Maybe it’ll catch on?

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