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Cumberbatch just filmed Sherlock scenes with an amazing dog... It's The Dredge

The best of the day’s celeb filth.

From Take a break and watch Liam Neeson read the words 'Eat s**t fart breath Neeson' Take A Break

Take a break and watch Liam Neeson read the words 'Eat s**t fart breath Neeson'

Watch the Irish thespian respond to online abuse.

11 things we've learned about Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding

He’s off the market.

Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married today, but everything's going to be okay

He’s saying ‘I do’ to Sophie Hunter on the Isle of Wight.

6 reasons Benedict Cumberbatch could do no wrong on Graham Norton

Bendystick Cucumbersnatch.

First official picture of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Shakespeare's Richard III

And Moriarty’s doing Shakespeare too.

Sherlock won all the Emmys... and none of them bothered showing up

Well, Cumberbatch and Freeman didn’t anyway.

Benedict Cumberbatch is officially more popular than Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Tickets for the star’s production of Hamlet sold out in a day.

Benedict Cumberbatch sends Comic Con into meltdown... It's The Dredge

All of the day’s celebrity dirt.

This Benedict Cumberbatch look-alike caused a massive riot on the internet

16-year-old Tyler didn’t realise his similarity to the Sherlock star could cause so much trouble.

7 things we've always wondered about awards shows

Can you stand beside Michael Fassbender in the jacks?

Sherlock's Moriarty gets a Flahavan's tracksuit on The Late Late Show

Andrew Scott was the little boy in the Flahavan’s ad!