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This student sent his family a lifesize cut-out of himself and they had serious craic

Good idea.

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22-YEAR-OLD American student Dalton Ross moved to the UK for college last year.

Just so his family wouldn’t miss him too much, he sent them back a lifesize cardboard cut-out of himself as a joke – and it’s provided the family and the internet with so much entertainment.

His mam has been placing the new Dalton in all sorts of situations and sending him back the evidence

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He uploaded his story to Reddit yesterday, and the internet has applauded both parties’ commitment to comedy.

Dalton originally sent it as a gag, as he told aplus:

I just thought sending a life-size cutout of me unannounced to my mom would give my family a laugh. I thought maybe they’d put it in the living room corner until I got back to remember I exist.

But his mam took the joke and ran with it


As he told i100, the whole thing was unexpectedly hilarious:

I wasn’t expecting her to do anything with the cutout though, but she has gone above and beyond with the jokes with that.

So now, the new member of the family goes everywhere with them

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He enjoys Subway, clearly

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The Imgur album has been seen nearly a million times at this stage.

At least he’s not missing out on the big family events like Easter

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Well played. 

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