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CUT! Take 84: The world's worst actors

Jennifer Love Hewitt was recently named the worst-reviewed actress since 1985. We think there’s worse though….

Jennifer Lopez won't be winning any Oscars anytime soon
Jennifer Lopez won't be winning any Oscars anytime soon
Image: Vince Flores/UK Press/Press Association Images

ROTTEN TOMATOES, THE film review site that pulls no punches, has given I Know What You Did Last Summer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt the dubious honour of being the world worst actress.

She’s notched up the worst reviews since 1985, and according to Slate.com, which recently trawled through Rotten Tomatoes’ data to find the really stinky screentime wasters, she’s never even rated higher than 60 per cent.

American Beauty actress Mena Suvari was hot on her tail, while Chuck Norris was deemed to be the worst actor, with gems like The Delta Force and Top Dog under his belt.

So it got us thinking…who are the world’s worst actors and actresses?

CUT! Take 84: The world's worst actors
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  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. Gigli...Maid in Manhattan...Monster-in-law...Shall We Dance. We could go on, but we won't. Stick to the singing. Pic: Ian West/PA Wire
  • Ashton Kutcher

    He has a zillion followers on Twitter and he was pretty funny as Kelso in That 70s Show, but that's where he should have left it. Kutcher won the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor in 2010. Pic: Andre Penner/AP/Press Association Images
  • Kate Hudson

    She was so promising in Almost Famous, but Hudson, a double Golden Raspberry Nominee in 2008 for Fool's Gold and My Best Friend's Girl simply must stop making movies with Matthew McConaughey. Pic: Chris Pizzello/AP/Press Association Images
  • Pauly Shore

    A no-brainer really. Pauly Shore won Golden Raspberries two years in a row in 1995 and 1996 for Bio-Dome and Jury Duty. He is now a stand-up comedian. Pic: AJM/AJM/EMPICS Entertainment
  • Elizabeth Berkley

    If you've seen Showgirls then you know pretty much EVERYTHING about Elizabeth Berkley, who has the honour of starring in one of the most preposterous films ever made. She was in Saved By the Bell too though, which redeems her slightly. Pic: Tammie Arroyo/UK Press/Press Association Images
  • Kevin Costner

    If you write it, he will come....Kevin Costner's made some decent films, but he's also won the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor three times, for Robin Hood, Wyatt Earp and The Postman. Pic: Benkey/UK Press/Press Association Images
  • Madonna

    Another Golden Raspberry regular, Madonna was actually named worst actress of the century by the academy for Body of Evidence, Shanghai Surprise, Who's That Girl etc. Pic: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
  • Tommy Wiseau

    Wiseau (right) is not just an actor. He's the actor, director,producer and writer behind the film widely regarded to be the worst ever made: The Room. Watch it at your peril.

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