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31 of the cutest things that happened in 2015

Possibly too much cute for you to handle right now.

IT WAS A cute year.

1. Remember this cat’s reaction to its owner coming home?


2. Or this dog, watching over his trapped friend for almost a week

download Source: AP

3. This pup seeking solace underneath its mammy’s ear


4. This dog welcoming his owner’s new bride into the family

C98LHkT Source: Imgur

5. You HAVE to watch this curious kitten making friends with a camera man

Source: Ehab Badwi/YouTube

6. This cat and dog best friends

A4G7i9H Source: Imgur

7. The car seat hug of the year

OcJqU7i Source: Imgur

8. Are you gonna share?

g7j8Lhm Source: Imgur

9. These Golden Retrievers helping out with the shopping from the car

Source: Bianca Richter/YouTube

10. The chicken didn’t recognise him because he got a haircut

7xhR0pc Source: Imgur

11. This dog’s birthday party

12. This apologetic dog

5S1Wsin Source: Imgur


13. An extremely loyal friend

BMYg8F0 Source: Imgur

14. A practice run at paragliding

8MoPKlT Source: Imgur

15. This service dog meeting his idol

OHaiH4t Source: Imgur

16. When this cat Bubba got her own school ID because she hung around so much

HGFEFzd Source: Imgur

2qL7Oqb Source: Imgur

17. These chicks enjoying the warmth from a coffee mug

oPis3xl Source: bag2bas

18. This all-too-familiar look

if-i-dont-pet-my-dog Source: Memeblender

19. When these goats hopped around in onesies

Source: Sunflower Farm Creamery/YouTube

3Y4UHne Source: Imgur

20. When these little friends captured everyone’s hearts when they were saved from being euthanised after this photo of them hugging went viral

One of our favourite stories of 2015.

adogs Source: Facebook, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

21. This dog found by guards

Dapper as HELL.

22. This guy who built a train to take rescued shelter dogs on little trips

fKiYi24 Source: Imgur

The hero will all needed.

adogs Source: Thejournal

23. Maple, the extremely talented musician


24. These lads

dgaCZdo Source: Imgur

dIlngyv Source: Imgur

D2xMpjN Source: Imgur


25. When this kitty saw his owner on video chat

ufdNaP2 Source: Imgur

26. This little tot making friends with a deer

zVpyzhW Source: Imgur

27. When this dog learned to smile for the camera


28. When Bounce appeared on BBC News to give love advice

bounce1_Fotor-w800-h400 Source: BBC

29. This little optimistic chap

30. When this dog kept his owner company while he cleaned up his puke

dpn37ez Source: Imgur

31. And finally, this little dreaming kitten

5EntMNH Source: Imgur

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