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A pizza-loving dachshund lost 3 stone after ditching human food

Just look at him now.


Less than two years ago, he weighed in at 56 pounds – about the size of four or five of his fellow dachshunds – and couldn’t take more than a few steps without getting out of breath.

Dennis Source: AP

He was adopted by Brooke Burke from one of her relatives after she noticed that they fed him burgers, pizza and other human food, without paying any attention to his bulging belly.

Out comes Dennis, and I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even sure what breed of dog he was supposed to be because he was so large.

Burton put him on a diet of dry dog food and took him on lots of walks – now after losing a whopping four stone, Dennis weighs 12 pounds, and he’s happy out.

Look at him here, in his jazzy Christmas jumper:

Dieting Dachshund Source: AP

Brooke said:

In the beginning, you could tell he was very depressed, that he really didn’t feel good at all. He didn’t have much of a personality. After he lost weight, this bossy little demanding man popped out. He’s into everything, he wants to play with everybody.

An inspiration to us all. Work it, Dennis.

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