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# best dad ever
Dad and daughter lip-sync the most adorable Disney duet
We’ve melted. Entirely melted.

YOU’RE SICK OF Frozen songs at this stage. Us too, us too.

However, we’re ready to make an allowance for this adorable dad-daughter duet. Redditor Narolepsyinc’s daughter had been begging him to sing along with her to Love Is An Open Door from Frozen, and he finally gave in.

Shelly Stephenson / YouTube

Fellow redditor Qikdraw had a solid plan for it.

Keep this for her wedding day. Tears and laughter will follow. However never mention it to her from the age of twelve up. Hopefully she forgets about it.

Others showed definite signs of emotin.

My daughter is 18 and about to go away to college. This stirs some dust. Enjoy every moment, awesome dad!

Go hug your dad, your daughter, the person nearest to you… whatever!

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